What is an Ugly Sweater Party?
An ugly sweater party is any group or gathering of people decked out in their blingiest, bedazzliest, gaudiest, grandma-iest sweater, celebrating the awesome power of fug.

How do I host an Ugly Sweater Party?
There are SO many pages on Google devoted to this that we won’t get into it here. Suffice to say step 1 is get yourself the ugliest/tackiest/blingiest/nerdiest/most ironic ever sweater (and point your friends over here to get theirs if they don’t have a grandmother to hook them up).
After that, make it YOUR party and do what YOU want. Ugly sweater contest? Jello shots? Christmas caroling of unsuspecting neighbors? Pub crawl? Bad dancing? White elephant gift exchange? It’s your call.

I want to buy a sweater, but why is shipping so expensive?
Gotta ask the Post Office this one! Sweaters are heavy (usually around 2 pounds) and our shipping calculator goes right out to the US Postal Service website and tells you how much they charge. No hidden fees, that is really how much it costs! Crazy, huh?
If you are buying more than one sweater, sometimes combined in a box they can ship cheaper than they do on their own. If that happens, we will refund any extra shipping charges you paid. If you want to know ahead of time if that applies to sweaters you are interested in, just drop us a line at theuglysweatershop@yahoo.com and we can look it up for you.

Gross! These sweaters aren’t new, are they?
Nope, they are not. Unless we are regifting something, most of our sweaters come from a fine selection of vintage and thrift stores. Due to their ugliness, there is a very good chance that many of these never actually have been worn, but we just don’t know, do we?
We inspect each sweater for flaws, clean them according to manufacturing specifications, and guarantee them to be cootie-free when shipped to you.

My party is day after tomorrow! What do I do??!!
If you choose the Express Mail shipping option and make your purchase before 5pm Eastern Time, you will have your item delivered to you by noon the next day in most larger US cities and 2 days elsewhere in the US.
If you are outside the US, you can choose International Express Mail, but it may be a few days longer (customs is usually the place it gets held up). Feel free to check www.usps.gov to see what the delivery time is to your country to ensure you will get it in time.

What is ‘fugly’?
Back when the internet was new, people paid for internet by the hour, pages took forever to load, and there really wasn’t much going on around the internet other than AOL, and even there the only thing interesting was AOL chat. While chatting, a number of users (because swearing was censored) would add the letter “f” to a word to preface the word with… well… the “f” word. Some of the words didn’t work out (fnice, anyone? fhot?) but for some reason, “fugly” stuck around long enough to become real life slang. Fug, then, is the abbreviated form of “effin ugly”.
We run across a lot of “ugly” every day. But it takes something truly special to be considered “fugly”. A used up pilly sweater with a hole in it may be ugly, but what is special about that? A used up pilly sweater where the white snowmen have red fuzzballs on them which makes them look like victims of a drive-by shooting has that certain special something that makes it worthy of being in our store.

I live in Florida. This is a dumb idea.
We are located in Texas. We feel your pain. When it is 80 degrees out, you don’t want to sport a mohair turtleneck. That is why each of our sweaters is rated lightweight to heavyweight, so you can pick what works for your venue. Also, don’t forget vest+t-shirt=awesome.