160 Ugly Valentines Sweaters on Pinterest!

Click on the image below to check out a great Pinterest board showcasing over 160 ugly Valentines sweaters you can buy right now–from all over the web:

A collection of ugly Valentine's Day sweaters on Pinterest

Plus we’ve got some Valentines-themed sweaters of our own still in stock–but they are going fast!

Valentine Hearts Tacky Ugly Cardigan Sweater Women's Size Large (L)

"I Heart You" Ugly Valentines Sweater Vest Women's Size Large (L) 12/14

“I Heart You” Ugly Valentines Sweater Vest Women’s Size Large (L) 12/14
Gymboree Nordic Snowflakes and Hearts Pink Tacky Ugly Christmas Sweater Dress Girl's Size 9

Maribou Trim Valentine Hearts Stretchy Red Ugly Sweater Women's Size Small (S)

Valentine Hearts Tacky Ugly Holiday Sweater/Cardigan Women's Size Large (L)

Vintage Valentines Ugly Fabric Vest Men's/Women's One Size Small/Medium/Large/XL (S/M/L/XL)

Quacker Factory Blingy Butterfly Tacky Ugly Sequin Gem Sweater Women's Size Medium/Large (M/L)

Roses, Zebra and Cheetah Vintage 80s Tacky Ugly Sweater Women's Size Large (L)

Vintage 90s "Grandmas Roses" Longer Length Tacky Ugly Sweater Women's Size Medium/Large (M/L)

Vintage 80s Sparkly Red Roses Black Acrylic Ugly Sweater Women's Size Large (L)


PS Need a Pinterest invite? Email theuglysweatershop@yahoo.com and we’ll be happy to send you one!


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