Tips for searching for your Ugly Holiday Sweater on eBay

With over 10,000 results when searching eBay for that perfect fug for Christmas, it is easy to get overwhelmed.ย  The following tips should help out a bit:

  1. Enter your title search criteria. We put both Christmas and holiday in parenthesis to allow ebay to return results that have either word in the title, and left sweater out of the parenthesis because we want all results to have sweater in them. We also narrowed it down to the Clothing category, then clicked Search.
  2. Choose your search criteria

  3. We got some results, but a lot are unrelated to what we need (baby sweaters, anyone?), so we are going to narrow it down to just women’s sweaters.ย  Unfortunately, you cannot search both men’s and women’s at the same time, but then again, all the blingy good ones are generally found in women’s ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Choose your search criteria

  5. You could keep narrowing it down if you wanted.
  6. Choose your search criteria

  7. You can even look for specific size, color or price range:


    Choose your search criteria
  8. Some of the choices don’t show all the options until you click on them:
    Choose your search criteria
  9. This is where you would choose to filter out pre-owned items if you only wanted new sweaters. We’re not going to do that because not only is pre-owned a great way to “go green” and be good to our environment, but we’ve found the best kitsch is vintage, not new.
  10. Choose your search criteria

  11. We are going to choose Buy It Now because we are in a hurry and don’t want to wait up to 10 days to find out if we’ve won the item. This also gives us access to people selling items in their eBay stores.
    Choose your search criteria
  12. By clicking “choose more”, we could choose even more detailed options, for example how far away something is if you are in a hurry and don’t want it to take a while to mail, or if the seller offers free shipping, or Best Offer (they set a price and you can offer them less, if they accept, you save money!)
    Choose your search criteria
  13. Now we have just over 4,000 results.ย  Still a daunting task to weed through.ย  To make it easier to spot at a glance that perfect fugly sweater, we are changing our view from List to Snapshot:
    Choose your search criteria

    Choose your search criteria

  14. This gives us a page of several pictures of items all at once, instead of pages and pages of them listed out with their (sometimes obnoxious) titles:


    Choose your search criteria

    Choose your search criteria

  15. If we spot something that looks interesting, hovering our mouse over the top gives us a better preview.ย  We can click on it then if we want to see the actual listing, or move our mouse away and keep looking. HUGE timesaver!


    Choose your search criteria

    Choose your search criteria

  16. eBay’s default sort is Best Match, which is supposed to give you the most relevant search results based on what other people have been looking for, and supposed to put “better” sellers first.ย  I’ve found better luck searching by price, myself, as I think eBay’s Best Match algorithm leaves a lot to be desired.
    Choose your search criteria

Regardless of the search method you choose, if you do find something you like on eBay, be sure to look at the seller’s feedback to be sure they are legit.ย  Click on the number and read some of the actual comments.ย is also a great tool to use for those big sellers, you can put their eBay id in their search box and get just the bad reviews people have left, so you can see if there are any red flags.

Happy eBaying!


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